Jump in the mud with us and restore your Health & Vitality.

The Mud Slingers Welcome You

The Mud Slingers Welcome You

The Mud Slingers Welcome YouThe Mud Slingers Welcome YouThe Mud Slingers Welcome You

The Mud Movement

This 2 Minute Video will change your life! 

Low or insufficient nutrients in foods are caused by over-farming, modern food processing and impaired digestion. In these cases, the body is often robbed of the vital resources it needs for a strong immune system. Thus, even otherwise “healthy individuals” are unable to fully defend against things like viral attacks. 

This 15 Minute video will change the world!

Our wellbeing depends 100% on our ability to keep our body in Homeostasis. Sadly the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat are out of balance with nature. A failure to understand this will most likely result in our bodies malfunctioning ultimately leading to a chemical supplementation dependancy (pharmaceuticals). 


  • Our product has gone through rigorous testing and certification to ensure you get the high quality supplement you expect
  • Health Canada Approved (NPN 80063624)
  • NUWTR formulator, Marc Saint-Onge (better known as the Mudman), tested and evaluated more than 60 sites to find the very best source of Fulvic Acid in Canada
  • Our Fulvic is from a very rich source of peat extracted from organic matter that originated thousands of years ago
  • NUWTR tube is a unique delivery system that keeps the potency of the Fulvic Acid until consumed so that you can maximize the benefit to your body
  • Each dosage is individually packages for your convenience, making it easy to take at home, at work, or when you travel

The Mud Slingers is a collaborative initiative of four siblings who played in the mud as kids.  

Scientists have said that regular exposure to the bacteria may help reduce a child's vulnerability to depression and illnesses. In short, put away the antibacterial gel, and jump in the mud with us! 

We guarantee it will make you happier and healthier!

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7-Day Challenge

Order our 30 Mineral Stick Pack and if after 7 days you don't feel the benefits, we will buy back the remaining product. Lives are changing. Will yours be next? Take the Fulvic challenge and find out. 

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